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The Boss: USD

With USD being one of the heaviest traded currencies in the world of FX and with the major USD crosses representing some of the tightest spreads, it is no wonder that it is a currency with a great deal of focus put on it. Just because it has a lot of focus doesn’t mean that […]

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China stock markets on the move

China stock markets are on the move as the economy stabilises and markets look forward to the government linking the Hong Kong and mainland exchanges. Recent  trends make China’s indices candidates for traders with strategies based around looking for the opportunity to join impulsive moves.

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Which bank shares

This has been a key question for share market investors. It hasn’t been simply a matter of piling into any bank. As the chart below shows, a share in NAB bought about 70% of a CBA share when bank stocks reached their darkest hour after the GFC. Today a NAB share will buy only 42% […]

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Reporting Season Preview – Australia

Here’s an interview with Lelde Smits on the upcoming Australian reporting season:

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Chart Signals – Tuesday, July 29

Asia Pacific indices Australia 200 is running into resistance near 5,600 but continues to hold above its 5,570 breakout point keeping its uptrend intact for now. Next upside resistance appears near 5,780 with next support near 5,555 then 5,500. Japan 225 is holding above 14,530 and trading above 15,500, confirming continued interest following last week’s […]

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Guest Post by DV34

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ORG.ASX at support – Stock to Watch

Origin won’t be reporting until 21 August but the slow stochastic indicator on the weekly chart has worked into the oversold zone courtesy of a 10% decline from its $15.50 peak in late May.

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Chart Signals – Monday 28 July

Here is today’s wrap and chart signals

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Australia 200 – key resistance for next week

This week’s high in the ASX 200 index peaked right at resistance. While the Australia 200 CFD has drifted a bit lower today, it hasn’t really rejected this  resistance. Looks like investors are happy to make this next week’s issue. Today’s video discusses the alternatives

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Gold, the Aussie Dollar and Mining Stocks

Gold mining stocks were in the news yesterday and their charts look interestingly placed.  Besides company specific news,  the price of gold and the Aussie Dollar will of course have a major impact on what happens to mining stocks. That being the case, I thought I would include the charts of a couple of miners […]

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