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AUD/NZD Break Down

Commodity prices are weighing on currencies of significant producers, such as CAD, NOK, NZD and AUD. However, not all commodities are the same, and more subtle FX traders may look for exposure to particular commodity groups via the relevant currency pairs. Those expecting agricultural commodities to outperform metals and energy could have AUD/NZD on their […]

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What is the Best Chart to Trade?

From Craig Cobb at trade with Precision: The majority of ‘newbie’ traders often focus on finding the best markets to trade such as FX, stocks, Indices, treasuries and commodities. They continue the never ending search for the ‘perfect strategy’ and often overlook a very important question. This question is “what is the best chart to […]

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Chart Signals – Friday, Sep 4

Asia Pacific indices Australia 200 successfully retested 5,000 support in yesterday’s selloff indicating base building continues. It has moved back up into the 5,040 to 5,070 range with next potential resistance near 5,085 then 5,140 and 5,200. Japan 225 has levelled off in the 18,210 to 18,575 range between two Fibonacci levels. It has tested […]

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Australia 200 – the case for 5400

The index and major bank share charts point to the possibility that this morning’s rally is the start of something bigger

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Chart Signals – Thursday, Sep 3

Asia Pacific indices Australia 200 continues to attract support above the 5,000 round number. Higher lows for the index and RSI suggests an upward trend change appears underway. Having rallied up through 5,070,  next resistance appears near 5,100 then 5,200. Japan 225 successfully retested support near 17,750 completing a bullish double bottom and has started […]

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Trading Without The Hype

From Craig Cobb at Trade with Precision: There has certainly been a lot of talk surrounding the markets this last week or so. Whether it’s people discussing the markets on the bus, train or the guys having lunch next to you at that restaurant. The action has mostly been on the index markets so today, […]

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Chart Signals – Weds, Sep 2

Asia Pacific indices Australia 200 has a big test of round number support underway near the 5,000 level today with the index stabilizing in the 5,020 to 5,040 range with more resistance near 5,060 after a big drop down from 5,200. RSI turning down from 50 confirms downward pressure increasing. Next potential downside support near […]

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Sell USD JPY on market volatility

After a brief pause, volatility is returning to equity markets. The US 30 CFD based on the Dow is down 240 points in the Asian time zone. IF this sentiment carries through with extended falls into the European and US session, we are likely to  see yen buying. There could also be a return of […]

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Blowing the dust off resources

Now that the dust is settling on last week’s global share sell off, it’s time for investors to start picking through the wreckage for beaten up blue chips. Investor nerves remain taut. The share market reaction to a rate rise in the US is still an unknown, and fears about growth in China are likely […]

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Chart Signals – Tuesday, Sep 1

Asia Pacific indices Australia 200 has slumped back under 5,200 with resistance falling back toward 5,240 from 5,300 next support possible near 5,170 then 5,070. RSI faltering below 50 suggests downward momentum intact. Japan 225 has dropped back under 19,000 and fallen back toward the 18,780 to 18,860 range between two Fibonacci levels near 18,740 […]

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