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US Bonds – a key chart for world markets.

Whatever markets you trade – indices; stocks; forex or commodities, the chances are their fate could be determined by how this chart set up plays out in coming days.

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Chart Signals – Friday, May 22

Asia Pacific indices Australia 200 has advanced up through the Fibonacci cluster in the 5,655 to 5,670 range and appears to be waiting for RSI to regain 50 for confirmation that an upturn out of a double bottom may be underway. Next resistance near 5,755 with more support near 5,640. Japan 225 remains well supported […]

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AUDNZD – Better call Saul

Michael’s blog  AUSUSD Breaking Bad looks at the potential for the Aussie to break support against the US.  I think it also looks poised for a downward move against the Kiwi after the type of  very steep rally that often produces a decent correction. This  video discusses an approach to a possible short term sell […]

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AUD/USD Breaking Bad

After a period of strength, AUD/USD may be breaking bad again. RBA Deputy Governor Lowe commented last week that the RBA may still lower rates if it deems fit, and overnight the FOMC moved back the US tightening timetable, but clarified it was looking through the weaker first quarter data. In other words AUD rates […]

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Chart Signals – Thursday, May 21

Asia Pacific indices Australia 200 has successfully retested support near 5,555 and rebounded back up toward 5,630. It still needs to get back through a Fibonacci cluster in the 5,650 to 5,670 area to call off its current downtrend. Japan 225 is breaking out today, clearing 20,225 to trade at its highest level since 2000 […]

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Four Bullish Indices

In this week’s technical insights Craig Cobb takes you through his favourite index markets for the coming hours and the rest of the week. He covers both hemisphere time zones so there should be something for everyone.

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Chart Signals – Wednesday 20 May

Here is today’s wrap and chart signals

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CBA’s Swan Dive

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)  is the largest stock listed in Australia, with an Australia 200 index weighting around 9.5%. It is also highly correlated to the other major banks – and ANZ, CBA, NAB and WBC combined account for around 29% of the index. Where CBA goes, so do the other banks, and […]

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Copper Weakness to Continue?

From Hao Sun at Trade with Precision: Higher timeframe analysis is a crucial step in my trading. The story between buyer and seller on the high timeframe is very important to me as it helps to confirm my trade direction. Once I know which direction I would like to trade in, I then look for […]

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MACD Divergence EURUSD

I posted a blog on MACD Divergence on EURUSD a couple of weeks ago. This did not lead to any clear change in trend, instead we have seen an ongoing but relatively choppy and low momentum up trend since then. This has all led to a possible third peak and 3 drives to a high […]

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