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When Giants Clash – EUR/JPY

The European Central Bank versus the Bank of Japan – who will win? Both are pursuing a “competitive devaluation” strategy through monetary stimulus, both desperately need the boost a lower currency can deliver to their respective economies. Over the last 7 months, the ECB has the edge, but that may change very soon. The BoJ […]

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What currency wars? – Dollar breaks support

On one level the currency wars are an attempt by other central banks to import some much needed growth from the US. The flip side is that a strong Dollar is importing economic weakness and low inflation into the US economy from elsewhere.

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Chart Signals: Currencies keep climbing as USD keeps...

We’re still getting a lot of follow-through on yesterday’s big USD plunge that released a lot of pressure from other currencies, confirming that a major trend chang appears to be underway. Gold also continues to advance as USD retreats. Index action has been more mixed but bases still appear to be forming in most indices […]

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Raging Golden Bull

From Craig Cobb at Trade with Precision This week Craig takes you into the world of precious metals. With turmoil and uncertainty often these markets can see a strong reaction. Watch as Craig points out the leaders and laggers and decides how he is going to trade them given the chance this week.  

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Crude Oil chart – key levels

The crude oil chart is one of the key drivers of overall market sentiment at the moment. Yesterday’s session makes things pretty interesting.

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Chart Signals: Major breakouts with RSI Confirmation for...

The big downturn in USD today has ignited across the board rallies in major currencies, gold and oil, completing bases and signalling new uptrends. Many of these rallies have been confirmed by RSI crossings or retests of the 50 line. Indices, however, have continued to struggle although US indices did pick up later in their […]

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Short opportunities on oil? …… Not just at...

From Nilay Guha at Trade with Precision: The press is filled with reports on the drop of prices in oil and one would naturally be prompted into looking at short opportunities on this commodity.  Let’s take a closer look at Brent Oil; a cursory glance at the monthly or weekly charts does in fact lead […]

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A Traders’ Sell on CSL

McCarthy highlights a rare situation in CSL ahead of its results report on February 16. In his view, there is both a fundamental and technical case for selling CSL. This short presentation examines the situation from a trader’s point of view. Link – Investment Strategy And The Reporting Season

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Chart Signals – Wednesday 3 February

What looked more like pauses yesterday have grown into full-fledged corrections today with indices dropping. Capital appears to be finding its way back into defensive havens with JPY bouncing back strongly against several currencies. A number of markets have either faltered short of 50 or fallen back below it suggesting recent enthusiasm has faded for […]

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Investment Strategy and the Reporting Season

The under performance of buy and hold strategies in 2015 sees many investors taking a more active approach to their portfolios. The conflicting actions of global central banks will likely further increase market volatility in 2016. Combined with a modestly positive economic outlook and significant overhanging risks, the potential for wildly swinging sentiment to drive […]

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