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Kiwi Confluence Trade

The confluence of fundamental and technical influences makes a trade more compelling for some traders. Those in this category may be following NZD/USD carefully at the moment. As the Fed embarks on its tightening cycle the RBNZ appears to be heading  towards easing. Further, the lower level of key NZ commodities, and a consequently slumping […]

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Chart Signals: Positive RSI signals amid carnage, Gold and JPY looking overbought

Stock markets and crude oil have been under pressure today along with resource currencies like CAD but it looks like we could be getting close to a selling climax with RSI indicators for a number of markets in oversold territory and not confirming price weakness which suggests we may be near a selling climax. JPY […]

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Deutsche Bank chart holds the line

The Deutsche Bank chart looks could be a lead indicator for world stock indices for a while. Concerns about developing credit problems are one of the market’s key concerns. At the moment Deutsche Bank appears to be at the epicenter of these concerns.

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Support & Resistance – Transforming A Chart

From Craig Cobb at Trade with Precision: Support and resistance is a flat level, a horizontal line. Boring I hear you say? Yep boring indeed but wow how it can transform my view on a chart! Something as simple as one horizontal line can take my view from yawn to WOHO! With the simple singular […]

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Chart Signals: Bear trap for the Aussie 200,...

The big rally in JPY and selloff in the Japan 225 appear be nearing extreme levels with the potential for a snap back move with RSI divergences appearing. Australia may also be starting to bounce back following what looks like a potential selling climax. NZD and AUD have been bouncing back taking advantage of a […]

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The Big Picture – 4 charts

On Sky Business this afternoon James @Daggar-Nickson, John Noonan and I discussed the rout in equity markets. Frankly, I’m baffled, although that’s often the case at market extremes. I want to know two things: Why are equity markets selling off? Are the following markets a buy, a sell, or some of each? You can have […]

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Where are Equities Headed Next?

Toby Genaro from Trade with Precision makes some predictions based on the technicals. Global equities markets are at a critical level currently. Which way will the markets move next is the big question. Based on the technical indicators the markets are looking bearish, if we get a breakdown through current levels the markets could move […]

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Chart Signals: Double bottom tests underway

A number of markets including the NDAQ 100, and WTI crude oil are retesting their January lows which could become a key turning point either creating double bottoms or starting new down legs.  Defensive plays like gold and JPY are looking a bit overextended and could be vulnerable to a trading reversal. Indices have been […]

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Make or break gold chart resistance

The big rally in gold is a clear sign that some serious “risk off positioning” is under way. That said, gold chart resistance is now close by. How gold handles this resistance could be a useful indicator of ongoing bearishness in stocks and commodities.

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Slaying Golden Goose Myths

A low interest rate environment naturally has investors looking for opportunities to capture solid income streams. The dividend yield play has played an important role in Australian investors’ portfolios over the last four years. However, increasing bank capital requirements and lower commodity prices mean dividend yield assumptions are under examination. Are board members about to […]

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