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Index Game Changer

Important developments in the two major themes driving global markets mean the game is changing. Chief market strategist Michael McCarthy looks at the early indications of new emerging trends.  

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Chart Signals – Break Out Tuesday

Lots of nice breakouts today! Cheers, Colin Asia Pacific Indices Australia 200 is breaking out of a downtrend today, clearing 5,100 and driving on into the 5,220 to 5,245 zone where it is testing Fibonacci and channel resistance. RSI regaining 50 confirms momentum turning upward once again. Japan 225 is breaking out today, clearing 18,000 […]

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Wallabies to Take a Pounding – GBP/AUD

Australia is one of those countries where England is referred to as “the old enemy”. These days, thankfully, the reference is usually confined to sporting contests. Over the weekend, Rugby World Cup hosts the English Red Roses will play against the Australian Wallabies. We turn to GBP/AUD to determine a winner. No doubt there will […]

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ANZ – Gap Filler

While some share market bulls are getting excited about a “double-bottom” formation in the Australia 200 index, more diligent investors with a technical bent may have discovered a “triple bottom” in ANZ. Combined with the announcement of a succession plan for CEO Mike Smith, and a propensity to gap fill, ANZ should be on the […]

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Chart Signals – Friday, Oct 2

Asia Pacific Indices Australia 200 continues its upswing within a 4,900 to 5,250 trading channel having regained 5,000 and challenging 5,070 a Fibonacci level with next resistance near 5,090. Japan 225 continues to climb up out of a bear trap bottom, rallying from 17,360 higher support toward 17,610 before running into resistance. Initial support rises […]

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The State of Origin

After significant price falls, many stocks are interesting from an investment point of view. Origin is not one of those stocks. Based on news yesterday, Origin is a stock to avoid. Despite previous assurances, Origin announced measures to cut debt by $5 billion, including a $2.5 billion capital raising and a major cut to capex. A […]

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Balance in the Markets

4% falls, 2% gains. It’s a hectic week, and it’s not over yet.   The move to two year lows has the platform and the phones running hot as investors seek the answer to the question; “Is it time to panic?” While recent share price moves are concerning, emotional responses are rarely useful in markets. Traders […]

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Chart Signals -Thursday, Oct 1

Asia Pacific Indices Australia 200 is bouncing around 5,000 again in the 4,980 to 5,020 area having successfully tested 4,900 and set a higher low. Next upside tests appear near 5,070 then 5,125. Japan 225 continues to rally up out of a bear trap below 17,135 with the index bouncing up into the 17,260 to […]

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Oil, the ASX and Einstein.

The definition of insanity according to Albert Einstein is: “Is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result”. Who am I to argue with the dishevelled genius? So what has this got to do with trading I hear you ask? Lots, I tell you lots! The whole reason technical traders use charts […]

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Shoot me – I bought BHP

Like most people, my Self-Managed Super Account is for the long term. One of my primary goals is to buy top quality companies at lower prices. One tactic is to place “resting orders” to buy stocks at what look like ridiculous prices, well below market. And yesterday, I was hit on a BHP order, buying […]

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