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AUDCAD resistance

Aussie Dollar continues to test resistance after yesterday’s CPI report. For chartists, AUDCAD resistance makes it one of the most interesting Aussie pairs.

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Chart Signals – Thursday, July 24

Asia Pacific indices Australia 200 is breaking out today, clearing 5,570 to signal the start of a new upleg on trend. RSI clearing 60 indicates upward momentum accelerating. Next resistance may appear in the 5,725 to 5,775 zone where a cluster of measured moves appears. Japan 225 continues to consolidate in a Fibonacci trading channel […]

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Fortescue chart at inflection point

The near term fate of the big mining stocks might be the key to whether the Australian index continues to forge into post GFC highs or chops around current levels.

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FX On The Move

Watch as Craig Cobb takes you through a detailed explanation of his favorite FX trends right now and what he is hoping to see to provide him with trading opportunities:

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FX markets after the CPI

The latest CPI numbers came in close to expectations in both the US and Australia. However, they’ve left the Aussie Dollar and EURUSD interestingly placed

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Chart Signals – Weds, July 23

Asia Pacific indices Australia 200 is testing 5,570 once again which could lead to a breakout or a double top. RSI above 50 and rising indicates growing upward momentum. Next potential resistance on a breakout appears in the 5,700 to 5,750 zone where a cluster of measured moves appears. Japan 225 continues to swing up […]

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Consistency is Key

By Graeme Kennerley We can evaluate consistency, we cannot evaluate inconsistency.  This is particularly apt in trading. Every chart, on every product at any time can hold a trading opportunity for us. The skill in trading is to spot these opportunities and trade them to a profit. Taking price action and turning it into a […]

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Man Overboard – Rescue Party

There is a controversial trading practice, named here as the “rescue party” strategy. It involves taking an opposite position to an existing losing trade, without closing the position. Frankly, I’ve always been dead against this practice, but it’s an issue that comes up regularly at seminars and expos. And a conversation over the weekend has me re-thinking […]

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Seek Ltd – fitting outlook to chart...

There’s plenty of scope for difference of opinion with a stock like Seek Ltd.

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Chart Signals – Tuesday, July 22

Asia Pacific indices Australia 200 keeps bumping up against 5,570 resistance which could lead to a breakout or a double top. RSI indicates upward momentum still growing. Next measured tests near 5,720 then 5,840 with support in place near 5,500 then 5,425. Japan 225 remains stuck in a trading channel between 15,130 and 15,435, two […]

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