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Buy BHP on Principle

Trading and investment strategy doesn’t have to be complicated. After all, markets can only go up, down or sideways. While every trader should have their own plan, there are broad principles that can inform even the most detailed trading approach. The interplay of two key themes – growth and central bank stimulus (withdrawal), are likely […]

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Chart Signals – Monday, Nov 24

Asia Pacific indices Australia 200 has bounced back strongly after successfully testing a cluster of Fibonacci supports in the 5,250-5,275 zone, back above 5,330, next potential resistance appears near 45,385 then 5,455 both Fibonacci levels. Japan 225 continues to bounce around in a wide channel between the 17,000 round number and 17,570 resistance near previous […]

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EURAUD Gartley Sell

EURAUD is completing a Gartley sell pattern and I’ve had the opportunity to discuss this via email with Larry Pesavento. As often happens this pattern has potential to lead into a bigger picture buy pattern

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Chart Signals – Friday 21 November

Here is today’s wrap and chart signals

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“It Can’t Go Higher!”

From Craig Cobb at Trade with Precision: Oh yes it can! This is a lesson many traders have to learn the hard way, often through trading losses. The old saying “what goes up must come down” is true, even in markets but when they will come back? This isn’t a known thing so be careful. […]

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Larry Pesavento – Aussie Dollar buy

In this follow up to his trading masterclass seminars, Larry outlines why he would look at  buying Aussie Dollar based on retracement levels in the 60 minute chart

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Larry Pesavento on the Apple Inc chart

Renowned pattern trading expert, Larry Pesavento is following up his seminars by demonstrating how some of the techniques he uses apply to current charts

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Caltex shares – bearish divergence

Caltex shares were in the news this morning with the company announcing some relatively minor changes to their petrol alliance with Woolworths. Possibly more interesting for chart based traders, was the large drop in the Caltex share price yesterday

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Chart Signals Thursday 20 November

Here is today’s wrap and chart signals

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Singapore 30 breaks higher

Hello from Singapore. This week, I’m working from CMC’s Singapore office – meeting clients, presenting seminars, and naturally, watching the markets. On cue, the Singapore 30 index has this morning has popped through a key level, and offers a potential trading opportunity. First, some fundamentals. According to Bloomberg, the index is trading at around 13.5 […]

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