5 Minutes a Day Trading – Day 1

Not the best start – trade one of our February campaign resulted in a stop out. However, remembering the strategy only requires six successful trades in the month to show profit there is no cause for concern. And of course, a trader starting the trade strategy from tonight has eliminated one losing trade…..

Here’s how the action unfolded, starting with the trade set up:

20130201 dax prices3

Friday night trading did not follow the pattern the strategy seeks. After falling initially, and triggering the sell order, the market rose, suggesting the first move was “false” – the opposite of the analysis.

The record so far stands at:

20130201 results

You can read all about the Five Minutes a Day Trading strategy here:


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  1. peter aris

    can we have a 5min strategy for asx200 please

    • Michael McCarthy

      Hi Peter – am happy to investigate any observed quirks. In the first 5MADT straegy, we investigated the idea that traders got the EUR/USD reliably wrong at the open of trading. In the current 5MADT, we saw statistical evidence that the German share market, once fully open, tradably sets a “true” direction. Have you noticed any characteristics of trading in the Australia 200 Index that warrant investigation?

  2. babyrohan

    Hi Michael,

    Is the time 7.15pm AEST?

    • Michael McCarthy

      Hi Ratish – as the paper says “9.15 am in Berlin (7.15 pm in Sydney, 4.15 pm in Hong Kong, Singapore and Perth, 8.15 am in London, and 3.15 am in New York)”.