Trading Sense Series – Part Two: Trade entry...

OK, so you’ve found the trade, now when and how do you get set? Here is the second in our series of Trading Sense videos which deals with entry strategies

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A trader’s guide to non-farm payrolls

I wouldn’t think there’s a trader around who hasn’t experienced situations where a small beat on Non Farm Payrolls sees a sell off or a small miss which doesn’t seem too bad causes the market drop out of bed.  As with everything in markets there’s no sure  way of picking this.  But I think there […]

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Chart support levels after the sell off

Today’s update video takes a look at potential chart support levels for the US 30, Australia 200, Aussie Dollar and Apple Inc following after market news that its quarterly results missed expectations

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Trailing Stop Loss Strategies.

Is it better to use trailing or fixed stop losses? I don’t know what readers experience is but my view is that it depends on the type of trading strategy you are using. Both have their place. I’ve recorded a video outlining some ideas for building trailing stops into trading strategies. During January we’ll discuss […]

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Market Review

Some markets look to be at an interesting inflection point. I’ve posted a brief youtube video with some thoughts on current charts

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CMC Markets Presents Jack Schwager

Trading legend and author of the “Market Wizards” series is coming to Australia. Jack will speak at two exclusive CMC functions, where traders will not only hear from his thirty plus years experience but have the opportunity to ask questions about all things trading. This is a rare opportunity.

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Five Minute Trading – two from two –...

It’s always encouraging to see a trading strategy deliver early wins – and that’s where this month’s Five Minutes a Day Trading strategy stands – two wins on the first two days: Unusually, the trade was not closed during the day session – this did not occur in the six months under analyse. However, when […]

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Five Minutes Trading – Day 1

What a day to start the Five Minutes a Day Trading strategy month! US political ructions, an RBA decision, data from China, data and an economic policy release in Japan – it’s a busy trading day. It seem likely there’ll be a result. Remember – given the tight parameters, in a fast moving market traders […]

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Backtesting Trading Strategies

Guest Post by DV 34 No matter what software or manual system you use to backtest trading strategies, it’s important to focus on the statistics that provide the best insight into the relationship between risk and reward as well as trading opportunity. In the next of his series of articles on the practical aspects of […]

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EUR/USD Bear Trap

I’m still fundamentally a EUR/USD bear. The US has superior growth, and is likely to curtail stimulus sooner. This should see a stronger USD, and a lower EUR/USD. Instead, the pair is on the rise – now at a level where I’m comfortable to short again…..but is it a bear trap? Here’s the daily chart: […]

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